We create simple catchy games that won't let you get bored.


Product Design

Unique design of our applications is our key to success.



We constantly developing high quality and eye-catching websites.


Student team

A team of 3 students that keep on chasing their dreams.


Self study.

— That's what we do.

A team of three Students

—   Passionate, determined NEVER GIVING UP!

Technologies we use

—   For apps, games and websites development.

- Java (Android apps) - Unity (C#) - CSS, PHP, Html (Websites) - WordPress(CMS) - Buildbox


Our Small Successes

We try our best, not making almost any money out of it. It’s all our passion for doing things we Love to do.


Working Process

- How the game become Game? Here are our 4 Steps.

Idea of the well-researched game/app
Sketch the concept, game design, gameplay
Programing, Designing, Music creation
After the game demo testing, we came to the last step: GAME RELEASE

Pop World

— First Game

Addictive Pop bubble exploder game! Fun and free to play! Shoot colorful bubbles, increase your score, join the leaderboards and enjoy playing with your friends!

The best lava game on Google Play. In Cubeland all you have to do is evade lava. You must be careful because the floor can turn lava any time. Don’t touch the lava ground. Are you up to this lava challenge?

Extremely addictive. The real challenge waits for you.

Inspired by the old childhood game known as The Floor is Lava or The Ground is Lava.

Popular all over the world.

Test your skills with more than 20 characters to choose from.